Act on Sugar and Processed Foods

Sugar: Our Silent Killer

For years we’ve been told that people are obese and diabetic mainly because they’re lazy, eat too much and exercise too little. It's just 'Calories-In vs. Calories-Out'. Just eat less, exercise more. It’s your own fault! But is it? I (Sami) have been a competitive athlete most of my life and despite 10+ hours a week of endurance training, have struggled with weight and blood sugar when I was eating the typical 'healthy' low fat and consequently high carbohydrate and highly processed, grain and sugar infused diet. In fact, despite being a top amateur tri-athlete, I was pre-diabetic just a few years ago.

Finally we have solid scientific evidence that sugar and processed carbohydrates actually change the biochemistry in our bodies, so that we crave more, eat more, gain fat and develop insulin resistance and diabetes BECAUSE of our over-exposure to sugar. The worst part is that sugar is everywhere in processed foods, from ketchup to juice to pasta sauce to bread to cold cut meats. As an example, a typical breakfast of juice, bagel, cereals and skim milk is essentially four cups full of sugar and sugar-like highly processed carbohydrates. What a way to welcome diabetes early in the morning!

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