Meredith Loring

Meredith grew up as a competitive gymnast in New Hampshire, made her career in Wall Street in New York, until she migrated to California. Before breakfast, she has typically completed a three-hour run, five-hour bike ride or both. She has completed several multi-day cycling and running stage races both in U.S. and Europe. Meredith’s passionate about spreading the message about real foods based nutrition to the masses. She's also building a healthy packaged food company that has nothing to do with sugar

Her idea of a first over-night date with her now-husband was to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. 

Proof of concept: Carried a steel mountain bike around Mt. Annapurna over a 19,000ft mountain pass in Nepal in a week, after her husband sold the trip as a fun cycling tour.

Expedition mantra: I can do one more.

Sami Inkinen

Born, raised and trained in Finland, Sami is a technology entrepreneur and endurance athlete now based in Northern California. He believes his grit and determination stems from growing up on a farm and training in the Finnish military reconnaissance forces. Despite also being a triathlon world champion in his age group and a multiple time Hawaii Ironman finisher with an 8h24min Ironman best, he became pre-diabetic due to very low-fat-high-carb eating. Now he won't go near sugar and is passionate about solving big problems, especially those related to health and human performance.

Sami’s married to Meredith and hopes that the expedition doesn’t change that fact.

Proof of concept: Quit 2012 Hawaii Ironman 13 miles from the finish and decided to never ever quit again.

Expedition mantra: Use Sisu, not sugar!



Dr. Stephen Phinney, Nutrition Science

Dr. Stephen Phinney is a Stanford (MD) and MIT (Ph.D) trained scientist who has spent the last 30 years researching and publishing on diet, exercise, fatty acids, and inflammation and their impact on health and human performance. Dr. Phinney helps us optimize our expedition diet for maximum health and performance.


Strength and mobility

We are fortunate to have real strength and mobility experts around a corner from our town. While we do our endurance training on our own, the founders of TJ's gym have helped us with strength and mobility exercises to keep us injury free before and during the expedition.


Dr. Justin Mager, Medical Support

Dr. Justin Mager is a board certified internist, exercise physiologist and health strategist who specializes in integrative medicine. He has over 15 years experience in health and fitness. Dr. Mager oversees our testing, training and preparation as we get ready for our expedition.


Weather Experts

We have hired a number of weather experts, who will provide us with daily updates on wind, current and weather patterns, so that we can adjust our course for optimum safety and speed without spending too many of our own brain cycles on math and physics.


Rowing base: Sausalito Open Water Rowing Center

Sausalito Open Water Rowing Center (OWRC) welcomed us with open arms providing us with training rowing boats and much needed rowing knowledge and we are now proud members of the club. We do almost all of our open water rowing training sessions from the OWRC club, which is conveniently located just by San Francisco. Without their generous help our expedition simply would not be possible!