FatChanceRow Update June 21

Today is our fourth day out on the Pacific, and we are making slow, but steady progress- unfortunately, not in the right direction! Each day we have see strong (15-20 knot) head windows. On the first day we rowed for 17 hours straight together to try to get as far west as possible. Since then we've been lucky if we can just go south. The waves have been very high, with some looking more like giant walls coming right at you than something you would row over. Yesterday's winds were close to thirty knots and the waves were breaking on our deck over and over. Sami proved his worth once again by grabbing me as I got washed off the boat, not once but twice. Luckily the only thing that was really damaged was my poor rain pants, which are now ripped in half (I still wear one leg of them to protect me from splashes). My legs are taking a beating and shoulders are as well, from getting slammed into the side rail of the boat. Needless to say, we are going to continue rowing together until the conditions are less dangerous. We also came close to capsizing twice, once while we were rowing and once when we were attempting to sleep. Our cabin is absolutely wet and so are we! We've also named our equipment...I guess we really are getting bored! Big Bertha, our sea anchor, has saved us every night. Our drogue, Sally Salmon, is out now, trying to keep the waves from crashing over us sideways. When we get a particularly huge wave, Sally leaps our of the sea behind us, which isn't very comforting. We love her none the less. For now, our plan is just to try to keep going south, and if we're lucky, a slight bit west. We're on the lookout for sea life, so far we are pretty sure that we saw two sharks! I keep threatening to make Sami clean the bottom of the boat, but I do owe him after his quick grabs for me in the waves. As for our food, we're still glad that we packed what we did. We haven't been able to eat very much yet, since we've both been sea -queasy. Strangely enough, we've both been craving (and eating) our salmon (supplied kindly by Vital choice) . Sami has also been eating the Nutzo Peanut butter and Mario Olives. I stowed some apples on board, but we ate the last of them today. I guess it's time to start fantasizing about fresh fruits and vegetables! We also have seen two container ships quite close to us. I tried to engage with them, but they weren't very chatty. Though the conditions are rough, we are in good spirits, and the divorcometer is at 0.