FatChanceRow Update July 9

Today marks the start of our fourth week! Wow, neither of us feel like we've been doing battle out here for that long- at most it feels like a week or so. I guess Sami told you about our special day yesterday, with sun, little pleasures, and finally some sea life! We have seen things out here daily, but only once per week we will see something alive in the ocean. We see birds regularly and try to bribe them into landing on the boat, yesterday we got the closest to that happening, with a strange looking white bird with a black and yellow beak coming round repeatedly to stare at us. He left eventually even though we threw salmon and macadamia nuts off the boat close to him. We have seen automobile tires, normal on the top and Medusa like with growing sea life on the bottom, bottles, cigarette butts and other pieces of trash. A few days ago we saw what was either part of an airplane or a small boat floating by in the distance. I got extremely excited about this and jumped from my seat to track it. It was about as big as our boat and I really wanted to chase it down to see if there were dead bodies and treasure inside, Sami wouldn't have it though. In the last few days we have seen what appeared to be a banana and an orange peel, as well as a banana with some skin missing and a coffee cup. We're hypothesizing that there's a Mexican pleasure craft ahead of us, headed to Hawaii, with men in wife beaters and surfing shorts littering and drinking beer from a cooler on deck. There may be some ladies on board with big boobs wearing bikinis too. Blog posts have been sporadic because our wifi charger kicked the dust. Or rather, was smothered by the condensation that gathers in the cabin from our exhausted breath. You'd think this would depress Sami, but he became rather excited that he would finally have a chance to use the multimeter. He eagerly shared his fix plan with me over the morning hours, which I really did not want to hear. This is, after all, the same guy who 'fixed' our clothes dryer with a hanger a duct tape and then had a part left over. The end result of the dryer episode was that a professional had to be called in- I was expecting a similar outcome this time. By lunch Sami could no longer contain his excitement and excused himself off the oars to go fix the equipment. He emerged two hours later, gleeful with one finger wrapped tightly in electrical tape. "Oh no", I thought, as I has heard many beeps and noises from the cabin earlier, not to mention that two hours had passed. "I fixed it!", he exclaimed, "I think."He proceeded to tell me that when he took the charger apart, he found that the internal fuse was blown. He decided to bypass it with a safety pin (yep, really) and then had blown the fuse on the larger switchboard once he plugged that in...not to mention permanently destroying the charger. He did redeem himself though with a solution that worked, and we now have a fully charged wifi. This story is meant to warn that we may suddenly stop posting, but as long as the tracker is moving, don't worry! We are currently in what looks to be a four day pull to get to the beginning of the trade winds (at 25n and 135w). We have extremely light winds and waves and are going as long and hard as we can. I had been dreaming up a big challenge for my birthday, since a 35 mile run is out of the question, but I'm starting to realize that we just aren't capable of pulling longer and harder than we already are. We are absolutely beaten by the end of the day. Happy, but beaten :). As always, thanks for the emails and support. I read them out loud as we eat our lunch every day, then we discuss which ones had the most impact on us, and why. Divorcemeter, zero.