FatChanceRow Update July 18

One picture, thousand words. That was yesterday, our Thursday July 17 and 30th day offshore. Winds miraculously died to zero, then blasted a bit from south back to San Francisco(??!) and almost all waves were gone while the gray, cloudy sky finally turned into blue with skin burning sunshine. The nasty, ruthless North Pacific turned into our own kiddy pool. We took several hours to clean our dirty boat and SWIM! I had to convince Meredith there are no sharks this far offshore before I was able to get her into the water. Needless to say, we didn't make stellar rowing progress forward by swimming and cleaning the house for so long today, but this change in weather and mental break got us smiling and rejuvenated.

And stars? Many have mentioned or asked about the night sky. I took a moment the night before during my night shift to just stare at the sky. I thought I've seen it all during my backcountry adventures, but with zero light pollution around the pacific 1000 miles offshore, I have to admit that until you see the clear sky and stars like that, you've never experienced stars before. Just amazing.