FatChanceRow Update July 2

Today marks the start of our third week out here. Three weeks! I can't believe it's been so long, and yet we still have so far to go. I only have 14 days left until my birthday now. Fantasies have shifted from air-delivered Teddy to a more elaborate one in which the entire Tahoe birthday crew is transported by Matt's friend Vito and they pull up along side us in his boat, all in swimsuits enjoying the sun and drinking wine and beer. There is a basket of fresh, crisp, cold apples on the deck waiting for us. Keryun and Lisa are jumping off the back. In one version, Matt swims up to our boat. I think he may have swum (is that a word?) from San Francisco.

I'm having a little break while Sami rows. We are really sore, and aren't able to sleep through the night with all the aches and pains. I'm waiting for the painkillers to work, so I'll entertain you with our current lifestyle.

Funny things seen from the window:

The window is really a funny place to be, through it you see all sorts of irony. For example, the other night Sami had just scrubbed himself clean and rinsed off- no easy feat given that our boat is more like a Bucking Bronco than a rocking horse. You have to use all your muscles to balance, while grabbing with all your might onto the side rail and focusing diligently on detecting waves that may break on deck. Not one minute after he finished, he had let his guard down and was toweling of relaxed when a giant wave crashed over him and soaked him completely. Needless to say I was rolling around in the cabin laughing.

A couple of mornings ago we woke around 5, as usual. I had to go use the open-air bathroom, also, as usual. What was unusual was that Sami too had to use the bathroom. He was panicked enough about it that I agreed he should go first. We aren't supposed to peek at each other, in order to save the romance, but I really had to go and I had to see how much longer it would be. Sami was trying to balance, bent prostrate grasping the side rail, he looked like he might fall over at any moment. "How much longer!?" I yelled "I really have to go, it's an emergency!". "I'm going as fast as I can" he yells back over the wind. I couldn't wait a minute longer, I climbed up on deck and grabbed the just washed bucket from his hand. "Go, hurry, no peeking!" I yelled, but I couldn't wait. I was laughing really hard, it was so ridiculous! Every morning since, I get on deck as soon as possible and laugh a little remembering that morning.

The last item I'll share (and these are the most publicly consumable moments, believe it or not) was when Sami was showering another night and I looked up to see something on his bum. "What is that?", I thought. I was about to shout "you missed a spot!" When I recognized the mystery item as an almond. Really, I guess we are not in the most sanitary conditions! Lol. We shower, row, eat, drink and poop in the same 1 square yard, day in day out. I got a good laugh about that one!

Some of you have asked if you can share our blog, yes, please do. We can't email directly from here, so we can't answer directly. We love the emails and jokes that are coming in and rely on them for our daily sisu!