FatChanceRow Update July 28

Hello there! Well, like Fred said, "it ain't over till it's over". We are roughly 300 miles from Hawaii now, but as we were dreaming of our finish, the massages and full body waxes we would have and the soaps we would use, the wind changed against us. We thought we could possibly land on Saturday afternoon, but that doesn't look like it will be possible any more. I guess we didn't really learn our lesson, despite all the meditation and introspection, as we were really bummed to have our daily miles towards Hawaii drop from above 60 to 45! We are in the part of the expedition when you are so close to the finish, but it feels like there is nothing left to give. The part when you check your time at least once per minute, if not more. The goods thing is, both of us have raced enough to know that there is almost always something left in the tank, no matter how bad you feel, so we keep pushing. It is fair to say that We were in a bit of a mental slump earlier, but we've decided to pick up the rowing from 14 hours each (which we are currently doing) to 18 hours each per day- so we each rest (some of which is sleep) 6 hours per day and we row for 12 hours or so together + 6 hours alone each. Hopefully that will get us through the final headwinds and to Hawaii. Wish us luck! We are already downing the cacao nibs for a pick-me-up! Here's a pre-slump pic of me in our cabin, this is where we sleep...though, not too much at this point. Our personal items are stowed behind, guess who has the neater side ;)? Sami's golden rule #545: when in doubt, it's likely Sami (the Salmon's) armpit you are smelling, not a dead fish. No story needed for this one! Enjoy your day and blow a little to the south west for us!