FatChanceRow Update June 23

Today brought sunny skies and smaller seas, we were able to get a rhythm in our row and didn't have to concentrate so much on looking our for side waves that would hit us. I'm feeling pretty beat up after the last couple of days, unfortunately the weather trend is going to continue like this, so I should probably get used to it. Now we are just focusing on getting south ASAP, unfortunately we are headed a bit east because of the wind. Last night Sally the Salmon ripped off the rope, so we are down one drogue. Luckily Sami had a pair of sneakers on board, so we strung those out. Our brains aren't operating at full capacity so we came up with the unoriginal name of Sally Sneakers for this one. I pity the shark who eats those! The arm of my rain jacket got torn off yesterday when I got knocked into the oars. Now I really look like a bag lady! The sun is so strong that every inch of skin needs to be covered, so I'm wearing a face mask and a big pink hat. I look like a bank robber, I'm sure! I've come up with what I think is a great system to protect my butt- sheepskin inside my shorts, garbage bag with leg holes outside of shorts, and goretex pants on top. I sleep with my furry friend inside the sleeping bag to keep it dry, it's my most treasured item at the moment. This bum needs to stay dry! We continue to have trouble eating. We aren't sea sick, but seem to only manage maybe half of what we were supposed to eat each day. My favorite continues to be mixed veggies and salmon! Sami is eating tuna, beef, broccoli and nuts- his treat is the Nutzo nut butter, which he's mixing all kinds of other stuff into and scooping straight from the jar. We have been fantasizing about what kind of body cleaning we are going to do when we land, consensus is shower and salt scrub, then hours and hours of massaging :). We are still upbeat and jamming to tunes like no one is watching...well, no one is watching. Divorcometer still at zero, likely because Sami started to shower prior to coming in the cabin. Life is good.