FatChanceRow Update June 24

We have taken a real beating in the last couple of nights with many side waves breaking over us. yesterday, the winds were already up around 20knots (730am) and our weather forecaster had just warned us that they will build up more to 25 and 30 knots today. I just couldn't get up the courage to face the waves, as I knew I'll get knocked off deck by them. Our boat design is different than most in that it's carbon with a round bottom.This makes the boat faster, but it's less stable. We also sit just at the waterline, and unlike most ocean rowing boats, we have no side protection, so side waves come in and hit us rather than breaking on the side of the boat. I'm small enough that I don't manage to stay on my seat for most of the side waves, though Sami does. Yesterday we encountered some problems with our electrical instruments as well, now we don't have AIS (which allows us to see other boats, and for them to see us) as well as our GPS, chart plotter and autopilot. The gps comes on sporadically, but 7hours of tinkering with it yielded no solution. We are trying to test to see if our AIS signal is going out, so we have more confidence that boats can see us, but we haven't been able to confirm this yet. Lots of water came in the cabin through our air vents in the last nights,'so we have little puddles in our sleeping bags and mattress. Our cabin is getting really gross, we both think that the cabin conditions are going to be the thing that really bothers us most during this journey. Sally Sneakers are holding up well and providing some stability, she's performing much better than the Salmon. Tomorrow the wind is supposed to be northerly, so we will try to start pushing west, though the weekend forecast doesn't give us much confidence that we will get very far. Divorcometer is 0-1, I'm edgy about the grossness of the cabin.