FatChanceRow Update June 25b

Thank you, thank you! We got a bundle of "fan post" via email and reading your blog/etc comments brought us so much more strength and a few tears. It means a lot to us here in the middle of....well, water.

Fighting the (headwind) weather continues, but we are enjoying the rowing. Hands and bums may not look ready for prime time anymore, but are working fine. We are still laughing, having fun and hold the divorce-o-meter steadily at zero.

I (Sami) re-earned my nickname "mr duck tape" after fixing a few more things with it: our navigation light system and wind vane that was about to get cut off in the wind(!!!). We are learning that everything breaks (most of ours electronics have already taken count down) and are in the constant state of fixing stuff. Unfortunately Meredith's rain pants had to retire. No amount of duck tape could save them. But most importantly, boats not leaking and all of our oars are intact = all systems go!

Sally Sneakers, our home made drogue, continues to be our most reliable piece of equipment. It slows us down the big waves and keeps the boat aligned to avoid capsize with the huge waves. We enjoy watching her jump off the waves like a salmon headed to mating. Based on he teethmarks, I'm guessing a fish has tasted her already.

Without going into graphical details, While Meredith visited the open air bathroom early am, a decent wave crashed over the "deck". Her last dry pair of rowing shorts was done. The paparazzi (which we are sure is many, although we haven't seen any sign of human life in last 36hrs) must have had a field day, as she decided to row in full rain and foul weather gear sans any bottoms. She said it was a breezy day.

I continue to hold on to my pants, but given he constant state of wetness (on deck, in cabin, in my pants) I'm looking forward to some calm, sunny days, to be able to follow Meredith's lead and live free for a few days.

We also built a deck shower (already moldy mattress sheet to protect from crashing waves + soft water canister for squirting water). It's quite a rodeo to kneel and wash without flying off, but we both did it, while harnessed to our safety lines. The only square foot of deck where we can perform these type of activities is also our bathroom. And all this just in front of the only cabin window. "A room with a VIEW" would be quite appropriate. But our house rule, however, is "no looking to save the romance".

Needless to say, I'm in awe of Meredith's positivity and ability to stay calm and make decisions under stressful conditions. I would probably be already rowing towards LAX (or Baja Mexico at this point) if it was for her! This is all fun, but not easy.

Plz keep writing comments, they're hugely powerful as we struggle forward I our floating dog house with oars.