FatChanceRowUpdate June 26

Today marked some sort of a turning point for us, it's been the first day without crazy scary waves and we are actually rowing west! We have a three day window in which we need to get 100 miles further west, in order to break free of the westerly wind. This goal had brought the life back into Sami in particular, who was lethargic and snugly without a goal to focus in on. We have started two fantasies that we ask each other to play out, several times per day. One is About my birthday, it goes something like this: Me: how many more days till my birthday? Sami: let's see, today is the 26th, so that makes 20. What do you think is going to happen on your birthday?? Me: A helicopter is going to come and Teddy is going to be swinging below it in a harness! He's going to come on board and lick and wiggle! Sami: he might even pee he's so excited! Me: yeah!

The other fantasy continues to be about the cleansing we will have when we land. Bathtub full of bubbles and flowers. Shaving. Hair washing. Manicures!

Sami gave me a jar of Nutzo today as a treat, it's really crunchy nut butter. I at half the jar in about 5 minutes :(. He only has 12 more for the whole trip so I'm starting to think of things I can trade him.

Divorcometer at 0. Sami has been showering faithfully (a good thing) but right in front of the window (a very, very bad thing).

Thanks for all the messages! We love to read them and look forward to them all day!